A walk down the memory lane

by Dave
(Columbus, OH)

What are pictures? Why are photographs so precious to us? The simple answer to this would be that pictures are special because they freeze the moment. Life goes on, memories become rusty and thoughts become shady, but just one glance at the picture brings it all rushing back. You can hear the conversation taking place, the sound of traffic at the back, the radio blaring and can even remember the joke that took place right that minute. It all comes back to you the minute you look at a photo. That why they are so special.

Weddings days, birth of children, first step, graduation, engagement parties and celebrations, all are recorded forever in our photo albums. All we have to do is open the pages and open the gates to memory lane.

Now, time and technology have taken us one step further and we can savor the joys of scrapbooking. In simple terms, scrapbooking is using technology to arrange, classify and sort your pictures according to time or event so that each scrapbook has a theme, notes for details and no chances of getting destroyed or lost.

A scrapbook saves your precious moments and memories for life, methodically arranging them to make it more enjoyable for the viewer. I have a friend who does this for a living. She arranges people’s pictures in scrapbooks. She beautifies the pages with elaborate borders and other decorative techniques. By the time she’s done, the pictures have a complete story to narrate. You flip through a scrapbook of hers and you’ll feel as if you’ve just been through a journey or that you’ve watched a short movie. Everything is synchronized and classified perfectly and you can see that a lot of effort and time has gone into the making of it.

In short, it’s a treat for the eyes and a joy for the soul.

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