Scrapbooking Page Ideas for Your Favorite Things

Why not create a scrapbook all about you and your favorite things?! In this article you will find excellent scrapbooking page ideas to create a "My Favorite Things" album!

First brainstorm the topics that would like to include in your album. Below is a list of links and page ideas for your Favorites Album:

  • Color
  • Food
  • Food
  • Vacation
  • Song
  • Book
  • Movie
  • Childhood Memory
  • Animal
  • Time of Day
  • Person
  • Car
  • Game
  • Activity/Hobby
  • TV show
  • Flower
  • Outfit
  • Day of the Week
  • Next, decide how many pages you would like to make your Favorites Album. I would suggest about 10 things. If you would like to see page ideas from my brainstorm list, just click on those with links.

    Enjoy reviewing your favorite things for a lifetime and know your children and their children will even enjoy it for generations to come!

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