How to Make a Scrapbook All About Feelings

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Feelings! Everyone has them! Everyone likes to talk about them! Why not devote a scrapbook album to them? Get some ideas on how to make a scrapbook album highlighting your feelings. See below for scrapbooking ideas for each feeling:


Excitement! I was brainstorming scrapbooking page ideas while sitting on a plane with my ultimate destination being a surprise visit to my husband, my children and my parents! I could hardly contain my excitement. This is definitely a day I do not want to forget!

I am sure you have stories or events that had you quite excited too! Be sure to cherish that moment in a page devoted to your feeling of excitement! Whether it was the excitement of a new baby, a party, a vacation, a visitor…be sure to scrapbook it!

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What makes you happy? Family night? Crunching through Fall leaves? Your baby's toes? Finishing a good book? What ever it is, take pictures and describe why it makes you so happy in a journal entry.


Scrapbooking your sad feelings is a hard one. On one hand, why in the world would you want to display what makes, or made, you sad. However, some of the saddest things in life come with blessing of joy. Whether it is a death in the family, you may be able to rejoice knowing the fact that your loved one was a lover of Christ and is now with their Savior! Or you maybe realize the loss has brought your family closer and you try harder not to take them for granted.

Or maybe your sadness is from an ending. I remember when I was leaving the camp I worked at for three summers. It was the end of a happy, wonderful part of my life! I learned so much during those summers and I did not want to leave it behind. However, waiting for me was the beginning of a new phase. I now am blessed with a wonderful husband and two darling children! There seems to be a new door opening everytime one is closing.

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