Create Impressive Looking Scrapbook Titles...

Without Stencils!

Sometimes I feel the look of my scrapbook titles is just as important as the pictures. Having an "ugh...that is good enough" attitude when creating your titles can almost ruin your pages.

It does not have to be difficult to make an impressive looking title. There are many stencils and stickers available. of my favorite things to use is a font printed from the computer!

What I do is print out the letters I want to use. Tape them onto the paper I have selected for my title. And then, using the printed letters as a guide, I cut the letters out. TaDa! The sky is the limit with selecting fonts for your pages.

If you can't find the perfect font on your personal computer download free fonts online. I use this same technique with scrapbooking clipart I find on the internet. For example, the other day I was doing a beach page. I went online and I found a cute sailboat and palm tree. The clipart really dressed up the page!

If you feel you cut-out skills are under par, there is an awesome tool you can use. The

Wishblade is an option for you! The Wishblade is a computer connected digital-cutter. Now this will make the perfect titles and embellishments in a quick click! You will have to save your pretty pennies for quite awhile, but it is worth it!

Stencils are still fun to have around! I use them mostly when I am scrapbooking somewhere other than my home, such as at my church's scrapbooking club. Having a few selections on hand for your "on the go" stash is priceless!

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